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Captain & Site Supervisor

Executing Events and day of logistics

Duos Catering is hiring amazing captains or event leads!

Plans and oversees every special event and acts as client contact. Banquet captains are responsible for the front-of-house for these events making sure that the tables are decorated correctly, the food is presented well, and that service goes off without a hitch. Banquet captains are in charge of floor staff to insure company policies and procedures are adequate and respected. You will make sure that all staff are in uniform and serving the clients in a speedy and friendly manner. You will set up the buffet, maintain the buffet during service, and act as the liaison to the chefs and cooking staff in the back, letting them know what food needs to be replenished. For plated or family style events, captain is to coordinate (expo) the food service from the kitchen to the dining tables. Coordinates and supervises the execution of all banquet functions to ensure the event adheres to client specifications and that the function runs smoothly and efficiently. Possesses knowledge of food production and service, and is able to perform all positions in banquet operations to supervise, direct and continue ongoing training of personnel.

  • Responsible for leading a team including wait staff, bar and kitchen to execute an event seamlessly from start to finish.

  • Communicate with venue personnel

  • Assist sales team and communicate with upcoming brides and families in planning their wedding or corporate clients in planning their events.

  • Must be able to stand and walk for 8-10 hours

  • Maintain a valid Driver’s License

  • Have basic knowledge of event and hospitality industry and Food sanitation standards

  • Floor Plan Familiarity

  • Acquire and maintain proper food handling and liquor certifications

  • Familiarity and knowledge with the events rentals, food, timelines, flowers, coordination, etc.

  • Demonstrate ability to take initiative & delegate, but still being a team player

  • Ability to work with diverse clientele in a professional manner

  • Flexibility

  • Present leadership qualities while being a team player - lead by example

  • Work efficiently and quickly with quality always being in the forefront



  • Assure the maintenance of bar control policies

  • Assure policies and procedures are adhered to by staff

  • Consistent check of banquet Food and Beverage quality

  • Consistent check of banquet services

  • Consistent check of banquet plate presentation

  • Ensuring that services meet customer specifications

  • Quality of room set-up

  • Quality of Buffet presentation and cleanliness throughout service

  • Report any deficiencies at management meetings

  • Ensure that staff have professional attitude and maintain proper company appearance and uniform standards

  • Emit effective communication skills

  • Participate in staff training and development

  • Attend department meetings being held monthly

  • Personal development and growth - Food knowledge

  • Discipline of personnel when required


Sanitation & Property Maintenance:

  • Participation towards overall maintenance and cleanliness

  • Achieving service that exceeds expectations

  • Overall maintenance of the operation at a level in keeping with the standards prescribed

  • Report any deficiencies in equipment or procedures

  • Ensure all rentals and equipments are accounted for and returned

Part-time Bartender, Server, and Server Assistant


Duos is hiring part-time (pick up shifts that fit your schedule). Shifts are typically weekend shifts but we have random weekday shifts available as well.


You are responsible for knowing and understanding all basic cocktails, Duos specialty cocktails, be able to create cocktail requests, and act as wine steward for dining table service. You must clean and polish glassware, prepare garnishes and mixers for drinks, and assist in table wine service or wine passing when needed. Assist with setting up and breaking down the event.


Understands the full extent of the menu items being served including any diet restrictions/allergens. You are in charge of serving the food during events and remain in your sections during service to make sure guests have everything they need. Your goal is to provide guests what they need before they know they need it. You MUST follow our service etiquette requirements and make sure your server assistants stay on task. You will command the server assistant to help you with all service related needs in your section. You are responsible to remove and reset dining dishes and silverware between courses and maintain the cleaning of the table during service. Assist with setting up and breaking down the event.

Server Assistants

Your primary responsibility is to assist your server, and remain in your section during service. Secondary focus is to maintain the cleanliness of the venue, assist in set-up/breakdown, and other listed job requirements. Bring dishes to scullery as you would to a restaurant dish pit.

- One to two years food-service experience preferred

- Excellent customer service, organization, and communication skills
- Passion for excellence and teamwork

- Washington Food Handler Card
- Class 12 Alcohol Server Permit

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to lift 30 lbs.

Must be able to stand or sit for long periods of time.

Must have night and weekend availability

Part-time Weekend Chef


You must be able to prepare food, emphasizing quality, appearance, speed, proper portioning and good time management.

This position requires working offsite at events, with prep shifts in the home kitchen.


Prior experience in the field of hospitality with specific experience as a catering preferred.

Comply with attendance rules and be available to work on a regular basis.

High School Diploma or equivalent required.

Ability to work effectively under time constraints and deadlines.

Excellent written and oral communications skills at focus on customer service and ability to communicate to diverse audiences.

You must carry a valid driver's license.

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to lift 30 lbs.

Must be able to stand or sit for long periods of time.

Must have night and weekend availability

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